Idea Museum’s Underwater FantaSEA Exhibit

Exhibition wall of our bottlenose dolphin photo-ID research at the Idea Museum in Mesa, AZ during Spring 2016 (dolphin photos taken in collaboration with Prescott College Kino Bay Center). Photo by AnahÍ Astudillo.


Explanation of the cetacean photo-ID methodology. Photo by Y. A. Scalia.


Sketches depicting four individuals. We use the sketches to later compare subsequent photos of dolphins and determine when we have a new sighting for each individual. Photo by Y. A. Scalia.


Photos taken during a dolphin sighting. We compare these against the drawings to determine recaptures. Photo by Y. A. Scalia.


Photos of individual bottlenose dolphins from Kino Bay, Mexico. These recaptures match the four individuals from the previous photos. Photo by Y. A. Scalia.